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40% Increase in Elephant Corridors Across the Country


Image Source: Down To Earth

  • A new elephant corridor report released by Central Government have showed a 40% increase in elephant corridors across 15 elephant range states in India.
  • The number of elephant corridors have risen from 88 in 2010 to 150 in latest.
  • The elephant population in the country is estimated to be over 30,000.
  • Elephant corridors can be described as a strip of land that enables elephant movement between two or more friendly habitats.
  • The expansion of elephant ranges is observed in Vidarbha in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, northern Andhra Pradesh, and northeastern states.
  • West Bengal has 26 elephant corridors, which is 17% of the total corridors.
  • East Central region contributes to 35% (52 corridors), while North Eastern region was second largest with 32% meaning 48 corridors in total.
  • The report also notes that 19% of the corridors have seen a decrease in use, with 10 others requiring restoration due to impairments.
  • The decrease in corridor use is attributed to the habitat fragmentation, shrinkage and destruction.
Source - Down To Earth

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